12+ Anxiety and Depression Memes (Funny and Serious Collection)

Depression is a state of mind when someone is feeling angry or tensed about any situation. Depression caused by any person who is near to us. Another name for depression memes can be sad memes. Many social issues displayed on the memes about depression. It is a universal problem so in any context we can relate it to ourselves.

When someone in depression, that person starts eating more. Maybe the person found it as an easier and comfortable way to release its depression, so many memes about depression are on this, a person is shown with complex face seems like in trouble and the person is eating continuously. In the same context, there are memes which consider exercise as a solution for depressive people.

Best Depression Memes Collection

In some depression or anxiety memes, it shown that because of fighting one can also fall into a depressive and pensive mood. Fight or disagreement can be occurring in any relationships. It can be in the age of adolescence or adulthood. Sometimes the young couple gets into troubles because they are not mature enough to handle problems.

Here are some good memes about depression.

Depression Memes Depression Memes Depression Memes

New Anxiety Meme Images

In depressed face memes, there are faces of people who look impatient, sad, sleepy, angry and worried. Even there are memes with crying faces of people. It is another way to show the inward anger for any reason. In some depressed face memes, a person crying and a question Why is drawn. It shows that a person is not happy about his current situation and can’t find the solution to his problem which is making him depressed.

In some other depressed memes, it shows that stress level reaches at the peak level as if one cannot bear it anymore and want to die. Therefore with depressed face memes, another message delivered in the memes, and that is to get suicide.

Check some good depressed face memes below.

Depression Memes Depression Memes Depression Memes

Best Memes About Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety memes widely shared. In memes, it is shown that depression can become our illness if we don’t sort out our problems and in that case we can receive a panicked attack, over-thinking habit and other psychological problems. On the other hand, there are depressions and anxiety memes which gives solutions like suggest exercising, thinking less, and not needing to be too emotional, listening music and consult any psychiatrist.

Here are memes about depression collection.

Depression Memes Depression Memes

Unique Funny Depression Memes

To delight mood and express the rude moments in everyday life there are funny depression memes as well. In college and university life, there are uncountable moments when students feel down and stressful. For instance, in one meme it shows that students expect that they will enjoy life but university life give them depression due to studies.

There are people who enjoy their rough and depressed life, in multiple funny depressed memes, it presented that not all people cry or make sad and tensed faces, but they kill their dark days with healthy conversation, cracking jokes, listening music and by eating food. It is the right way to live a happy and optimistic life. Therefore, funny depressed memes encourage us to live a cheerful life.

Best funny memes about depression.

Depression Memes Depression Memes Depression Memes