10+ Judge, Lawyer, Law Memes (Funny and Serious Collection)

It often seems Judge’s meme have a very tough time to come up with the right decision after the hearing of both sides. All the responsibility come upon their shoulders to do justice. But hardly anybody understands from which circumstances judge’s memes have to come across to decide in favor of the right person. Where judges come, the law is automatically there. It’s not easy for the Judges meme to escape from the law memes.

Here are some Judge memes.

Law Memes

Best Law Memes Memes

In our society, there are many people who give so much importance to the rules and regulations. Especially when they talk about others. But when it comes to their end, they have forgotten all the laws. It noticed while looking at the law memes. When laws create hurdle in your way, break them and create your own. It sounds really weird but in fact, it is the truth people don’t follow the law. Instead of they make their own rules and regulation to make it work for themselves. Memes about the law are for those.

For instance, by imitating Meghan Markle, it has been depicted in a law meme. That is the law does not work, get married to Prince Harry and make your own laws after becoming a Princess. While moving forward from law to the lawyer’s meme. Because it’s the only entity on the earth who has been given so much favor to the law, rules, and regulations. But the ironic thing is nobody turns their ears towards them which is so miserable.

Here is the collection of Law Memes.

Law Memes

Law Memes Law Memes Law Memes Law Memes

Lawyer Memes Collection

Other than that Lawyer memes also seem very busy to make their good impression in front of their clients. So much busy in reading books such as “The Litigators”. On the other hand, Lawyer meme is so nervous about the hearing of his first case. Anyway, let’s begin the story of the lawyer cat who owns a house and wanted to rent it out. But she worried about her house possession so for the safer side lawyer cat designed a two pages agreement. Now she put that agreement in front of the tenant with such awful expression. Which scared him and he ran away.

Law Memes Law Memes

Funny Lawyer Memes Collection

Sometimes while searching few funny lawyer memes come across with the images of very famous American Hollywood actors which made you laugh with the quotations they have on them. That depicts totally a different man who they are not, sometimes throwing a golf ball, sometimes yelling at someone, sometimes by making an innocent face and saying sorry.

Here are some funny lawyer memes.

Law Memes

Law Memes