13+ Memes About Exes, EX Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife Memes

It is a natural phenomenon when children enter into the age of teenager and adulthood; they start getting into relationships. But sometimes, they realize with the passage of time that they can’t continue with their relationships due to any reason. Memes about exes can explain well about all the feelings and situations after their breakup.

Best Memes about Exes

Few people take the relationship very seriously whereas other takes it on a light mode. We can say they care little about their relations. There are reasons to not taking ties seriously, maybe for some, it’s a good time pass, or perhaps they are not mature enough to understand the seriousness of the matter. Ex memes show different perspective after the breakup of relations. Some people feel sad and broken, but other feel happy.

Here are the best exes memes with images.

memes about exes

memes about exes

Perfect Ex Girlfriend Memes

In funny ex-girlfriend memes, the feelings, nature, and situations of girls shown. In one meme said that girls cry after a breakup but on the very next day they get into another relationship. Here girls criticized that they don’t take their relations seriously and quickly get into a new one. Feelings do not matter to them but all the five fingers are not the same, so we should think positive.

Another funny expect in ex-girlfriend meme showed that girls think if they are in stress then the other one should also be under stress. And in case, another one is not in stress then this situation is stressful for the girl. This situation is comical as well as humorous. It also gives another view that if girls are not happy for any reason; They also don’t want others to be happy.

Checkout some best ex-girlfriend memes with images.

Ex Girlfriend Memes Ex Girlfriend Memes Ex Girlfriend Memes

Outstanding Ex Boyfriend Memes

Relationships do not solely depend upon a female. But there is another creature known as Male who is part of this. To strengthen the relations, both need to give time, trust, sincerity and space to each other.

In the ex-boyfriend memes, various situations have shown that why they become the ex-boyfriend. Like in one ex-boyfriend meme, a serious face of a girl shown as if her boyfriend is lying and she knows it.

This is one of the most seen situations that boy has more than one girlfriend at a time and it is true. One cannot deny it. Any loyal person can face all the hard phases of life with his/her partner but will never bear if any third person comes in between them. Due to this reason, many relations, unfortunately, come to an end.

Here are some terrific ex-boyfriend memes.

Ex Boyfriend Memes Ex Boyfriend Memes Ex Boyfriend Memes

Finest Ex Wife Memes

When people take their relationship to another level that’s mean to get married still, they faced many problems with other. It says to spend time together to know someone well. In ex-wife memes, husband lament on their selection of life partner and it has shown that they consider themselves as a dumb person because of their choosing ex-wife.

Many countries after getting a divorce, the ex-husband has to give an amount of money to her ex-wife for her expenses. In ex-wife meme, a funny situation showed that a husband was feeling pain because still his, the ex-wife is using his money in shopping. Indeed, his purpose of staying part has not been fulfilled.

Here are the best ex-wife memes with images.

Ex Wife Memes

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