15+ Funny Memes About School, College, University with Images

Days spent in school and colleges consist of so many unforgettable memories. The first day at school is the remembering one and usually, everyone cry when they start their schooling.  In memes about schools, there are different types of students; some feel excited whereas other feels sad about rejoining the school. Images of attitude children with their hands up are shown in memes back to school.

Best Memes About Schools

After a long weekend or holidays, students feel lazy and not very happy to go back to join the hectic routine of school and college. When it is the first day of school, students start sharing their interesting stories.

Best Back to High School Memes for Students

High school memes are about the teenage group of students. When they entered the high school, they get more hours to enjoy with their friends but at the same time study get tougher. But in high school memes, it shows that many friendship groups gain popularity just because of a strong bond between them which is attention-grabbing.

Here are some amazing memes about back to school.

Memes about schools

Memes about schools

Memes about schools

Amazing Funny Memes About School

In funny school memes, all those events shown which are full of amusing and pleasant moments. Exams days are the most tiring but entertaining days as all students don’t prepare well so they look for others help.

Other funny memes about school and college show that students become surprised when they get know that semester has ended. It shows how time flies that even students don’t realize about it.

Memes about schools

Memes about schools

Lovely College memes Collection

Another exciting phase which comes in the student life is the college life.

College memes show that students grew up and mature. They have new goals to achieve. This is the time which motivates them to experience a new adventure in life.

Here the friendships also turn into relationships.  College memes are also about the student and their relationship with teachers. This is the time when students inspired by their teachers.

Memes about college point out that in this phase, students are motivated to work hard and achieve high grade as it is necessary for their future higher studies.

University Memes Collection

In university memes, it shows that on the first-day girls dress up well and wear soft makeup specially and on the other hand, boys also dress them up with elegant jeans and shirts.

As it says, the first impression is the last impression, so on the first day in university everyone tries to gain attention and look unique in their own style. But memes about university also tells about the race of getting the highest percentage in studies. Therefore, everyone looks busy to make notes, not missing any lecture and preparing for quizzes and the final term exams.

Funny University Memes Images

Funny university memes say that those students who were looking elegant on the first day of University, by the end of the day they don’t even brush hair because of a load of studies. The days spent in our educational institute are the part of the best memories.

We learn and explore our creativity. It gives us a chance to polish our skills. It is about gaining experience and socializing which actually serves us in long-term.