10+ Soccer, Football memes, Trolls (Funny and Serious) Collection

Football is one of the most famous sport in the world. It is world widely played sport, and it has millions of fan followers. Football played between two teams consisting of eleven players each with a spherical ball. As this sport owned by many countries of the world that’s why many football memes are presenting this sport with the views of its followers.

New Soccer Memes

Different soccer memes have images of famous and well-known team members. Sometimes in football memes, the record of any great and famous team member mentioned. It is a kind of highlighting. Giving tribute to the achievements of the player. For instance, in one football meme, a compliment was given to a player. Who scored the highest goal again an English team. Similarly, in another football trolls, a player of one team said few strong, positive words against a rival team player. In this way, we can say that in football trolls we can have a variety of images of a famous team member, their success or achievements and words of appreciation.

football memes football memes

Best English Football Memes

Moreover, many football trolls are self-praising. Like in one meme, it showed randomly that how ironically a team member passes few comments and praising himself by comparing with the team member of another team. It shows that football players self-motivated, self-praise, self-love and self-admiration. English football memes, where admire the achievement of any soccer player at the same time, they are criticizing other teams as well. It seems that many English football teams have a hawk eye on their rivals and never missed a chance to make the football match enthusiastic, warm, powerful and passionate. Undoubtedly, one has to be extra passionate to become a football player.

football memes football memes

 Funny Football Memes

Funny football tolls and memes highlight the team member’s anger toward each other in a funny way. The purpose is just to create an environment of laughter and entertainment. As football provides entertainment to the whole world, then memes regarding football will do same. Funny football memes also show that how few players feel when they see any famous and well-known player in front of them on the battlefield. Their crying, making child, faces in the images of meme give the funny impact.

In one soccer memes funny, it was shown that a new football team, scored a goal and in another image of the same meme, a picture of popular player was praising them, it also gives the funny impact as that popular player has nothing to do with that new team.

Another funny soccer meme shows that a player is lying down and writing in his diary that today he scored no goal. His face expression gives a funny look, and it seems he has no regret. He is all fine. Another funny meme with an image of famous player posed a question that what’s my favorite tea? , and he answered Penal Tea. So in this way, many football funny memes present the battle of players in a lighter mode.

football memes football memes football memes football memes