13+ Wet and Best Dank memes Images (Funny and Serious Collection)

There are many situations in life which gradually become part of life and then our headache. Wet and dank memes are like this. They usually represent situations of life which gets repeat excessively. They depict those situations of life which one faced on a daily bases. One does not like to see things again and again as it is irritating.

But for some people drank memes are cool memes. They enjoy a lot as it’s another way to display the real situations dramatically and ironically. Therefore these memes get viral on social media, but soon their excessive sharing makes it boring and tiring.

Best Wet and Dank Memes Collection

There are wet meme characters; mostly they are cartoonish and famous personality’s images. Any statement given by any political or any other person becomes renowned among people. They start using and implementing realistic situations of life. Like in one of the best damp meme that the Ex-prime minister of a country changed the doorbell to the orange. Theme music as the upcoming prime minister looks like an orange.

For instance, in one best dank image meme, shows a conversation between two people. One said that he cheated on another person. The other person replied that he did something worse and that is the trust he did. In this way, this meme gets viral, and people start implementing this dank or wet meme in their actual situation of life.

In another damp meme, there was a situation of a class where a test going on and as usual if there is any test then there will be cheating. So students feel it mandatory to help their friends. It showed that a friend is standing in a row waiting for another student to complete their talk with a teacher. He has test paper in his hand, and he folded his hand back in such a way that his friend can see the test. Students like such dank image memes as they found their memories in such memes.

Check down some great collection of memes.

dank memes

dank memes

Funny Dank and Wet Meme Images

In the adulthood, in relationships, there are wet memes about their first meeting and how they both were taking each other pictures secretly. Sometimes in best dank memes, they make fun of girls’ clothing. They always complain that they have nothing to wear whereas their wardrobe is about to burst. By funny dank images, this whole pictured is displayed in the dank or wet meme.

Sometimes it happens that in any ceremony, old ladies stare young girls for their sons. In a dank or wet meme, a real situation presented that from anywhere an old lady will come to you and will ask for your number as they want to make you their daughter-in-law. This situation can be true in any circumstances, and it is a part of reality.

In some of the funny wet memes, people make fun that how their friends leave them in time of need. They compare it with an image of animals helping each other and what humans do. In this way, satire is made on the attitude of the people around us. So the best dank memes are like don’t keep anything in heart, say it but on lighter mode.

Here is the collection of funny dank and wet memes images.

dank memes

dank memes dank memes